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Filename: gameplayer-v1.0-src.7z
Filesize: 49 KiB
Fyletype: source code
Last update date: 25th of December, 2010
Common information
  • What is Game Player

    Basically, Game Player is an object-oriented wrapper for bass.dll, but with some additions. It handles almost all features that bass.dll do, such as DirectSound9 & EAX effects, WinAMP plugins, internet radio and of course many stream and tracker sound formats. Currently supported formats: MO3/IT/XM/S3M/MTM/MOD/UMX/MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG/WAV. Also player can manage playlists.

    The engine has a GUI for sound effects management (Game Player Visual) which allows you to quickly add DirectSound or EAX effects to your sound and then adjust them using simple interface. See screenshots.

    Check out my other project Stealth Player that makes use of Game Player sound engine.

  • Features
    1. Supporting formats: MO3/IT/XM/S3M/MTM/MOD/UMX/MP3/MP2/MP1/OGG/WAV
    2. DirectSound9 and EAX 2.0 effects
    3. GUI for effects management
    4. Playlists management
    5. WinAMP plugins support
    6. Playing several sounds simultaneously

  • Requirements
    1. In order to use Game Player you should accept terms of GPLv3.
    2. To open 7z archive you should have 7-Zip installed.
    3. Game Player uses bass.dll v2.4.7.
    4. I guarantee compilation of the engine on Delphi 2010. Older versions will probably not be able to compile this library.
    5. To use all functionality of Game Player you should have DirectX 9 installed.
    6. To get sources from SVN you may use TortoiseSVN, for example.

Compilation and usage
  • Getting sources from SVN

    Instead of downloading source code in archive you may get project sources from SVN. This allows you always to have the latest version of source code. It may be useful if you want to test new features before they appear in release version, but that code may contain some unresolved bugs too.

    Project SVN location:

  • Compiler directives

    Game Player has big functionality, but you probaly don't need all of this in every project. You may disable some functionality to reduce size of target binary and improve performance of overall engine.

    Here is the list of compiler directives located in Disabling one of these directives will remove the corresponding functionality.

    Compiler directiveFunctionality
    {$DEFINE GP_PLUGINS}Loading WinAMP plugins
    {$DEFINE GP_PLAYLIST}Playlists management
    {$DEFINE GP_EFFECTS}DirectSound and EAX effects support
    {$DEFINE GP_INTERNET}Internet radio support

    Since version 1.0 there are new directives added to help to disable some functionality without a need to touch You can make your compiler to use these directives by specifying them in command line line parameters or you can put them down in IDE settings. See example below.

    Compiler directiveFunctionality
    {$DEFINE GP_DISABLE_PLUGINS}Disable loading WinAMP plugins
    {$DEFINE GP_DISABLE_PLAYLIST}Disable playlists management
    {$DEFINE GP_DISABLE_EFFECTS}Disable DirectSound and EAX effects support
    {$DEFINE GP_DISABLE_INTERNET}Disable Internet radio support

    For example (for Delphi 2010), if you want to compile your project without using plugins and effects support, then go to Project -> Options -> Delphi Compiler and add "GP_DISABLE_PLUGINS;GP_DISABLE_EFFECTS" (without quotes) to "Conditional defines" field.

Other topics
  • Feedback

    You can submit requests on project using tracker system. Also if yoou have any questions about Game Player you can mail me (Alexey Parfenov) directly.

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